My Name
Is Esther Kumi

I’m a copywriter for early-stage SaaS
companies. I have a background in tech and experiment with everything.
When I’m not writing copy, I’m conducting creative experiments,
inventing systems, writing screenplays, or laughing at my own dad jokes. You can reach out to me on LinkedIn 

Esther Kumi

Here are examples of my work

Website copy for
The Brand Managers
Website copy for Flexibble
Website copy for Clientastic
Article for Zapier

Cold email for Eye4Fraud + Case Study

Nice things people have said about me

Although Esther and I have had limited experience working together, that time was incredible. She was easy to collaborate with, and is a rare talent who doesn't just do the work, but she is passionate about it, and her enthusiasm shines through on everything she touches. Likewise, from my observations of the copy she's produced, it's clear she's been honing her skills over 
the years, and is dedicated to the craft, which can not be said for many authors who go through the motions to make sure they can deliver the next piece and the next and the next. No. Craft 
and technique are highly underrated, but it's clear she's focused extensively on these areas to give her creativity room to shine. She is a rare talent and I hope to work with her more at some 
point in the future.

Founder and CEO of The Content Studio

Tommy Walker

Nice things people have said about me

“Esther has been a great asset to the Momentful app, working with us as a freelance writer. As Esther's key contact, I have been able to see first hand the great contributions she has made and how she has assisted in taking our writing to a whole new level. I have, and will continue to enjoy working with Esther!”

Head of Communities, 1616 Media

Hannah Thomas

Nice things people have said about me

Esther is a brilliant young lady. I called for interns and she was one of the first to apply. She is proactive and also a quick learner. Even though she was studying engineering, she was able to learn and apply copywriting and SEO. She produced articles on time and with great quality. I wouldn't hesitate to have her on my team.

CEO of GetRooms

Kekeli Buckner

Nice things people have said about me

Esther is a great copywriter. Not only was her work high quality, but she delivered on the brief and exceeded expectations. She offered helpful suggestions on how to improve our strategy. She always gets the job done and to a high standard. But what really stood out to me was how reliable, enthusiastic, and easy she is to work with. You should hire her— she delivers and listens to your comments.

CEO of DevSquad

Phil Alves

Nice things people have said about me

Esther is one of my absolute favorite writers to recommend to clients when they're looking to expand their freelance team. I would recommend her to any B2B SaaS company in need of top-notch SEO content.

SaaS Copywriter

Dayana Mayfield

Esther Kumi

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