The Background


Clientastic is a client workspace tool that houses all team and client communication, documents, etc. This prevents app-spread over email, instant messenger, and other tools. Their tool is the first of its kind dedicated to this purpose.

The Problem


Clientastic is a fairly untapped niche. There aren’t as many competitors in their market space. Though they have a unique advantage, they still have to be ahead of the game by establishing strong positioning and clearly articulating their messaging. Their website reeks of the typical and unclear messaging of most websites in the SaaS and B2B space.


The Solution


Help Clientastic establish differentiation and positioning

Help Clientastic articulate its value and the gap it fills in its customers' lives with crisp messaging.

Help Clientastic make use of their first-mover advantage.

The core message of the website copy: Collaborate with your clients and team in one place at the same time. Manage both parties without a million apps getting in the way.

Wow, Esther, I like what I see.

Esther Kumi